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The perfect boyfriend for one night

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I kept it quiet as I felt ashamed. And he took advantage of.

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Well, no longer. It was amazing — we loved each other and that was all that mattered.

We were inseparable and, as far as I was concerned, life was perfect with him in nigt. After four months of pure bliss, Adam asked me to move in with.

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I was so excited and happy to take our relationship further and would do anything to keep him happy. Little did I know that keeping him happy would be a continual challenge. I let the comments go over my head, thinking that he was only joking.

But he started to dig hot free chat One day, he told me that I was fat and I should consider going on a diet.

Hurt, but determined, I started to watch what I ate niight but this upset him further, and he would ask if I was trying to impress someone.

How I Turned a One-Night Stand Into a Long-Term Boyfriend | Glamour

Working as a model, other people would tell me I was beautiful, but Adam wanted to put a stop to. In retrospect, I know that he was with me because he thought I looked good on his arm and dating me went with his image of Mr Perfect.

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But I was forever unsure of who I was waking up the perfect boyfriend for one night. I was in second year of uni and needed to get to lectures and study harder so I moved back to my flat at uni in Bath with five other free personals lonely hearts 18840. I removed the app but he went mad, asking what I was hiding from.

Christ, who knew my sweaty gym kit could be so sexy?

I had to FaceTime him at the gym so he could check my clothes were appropriate. Despite my efforts to make him feel less insecure, he only ever got more controlling. I knew it was wrong but I the perfect boyfriend for one night excuses for him, telling worried friends: Within seconds of putting it on Facebook, Adam called me. He was screaming. He called me a disgrace. So I booked a train to London to perfsct.

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He told me things had to change. I had to give him my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook passwords or delete. I was like a zombie — Adam was exhausting me.

You're more than just a one night stand. You're more than disposable. You're more than a fling. And if he sees you as someone valuable. See more ideas about Boyfriend quotes, Perfect boyfriend and Love quotes. A real boyfriend will have flaws. A real .. Bucket list - a late night adventure!. 'How My Perfect Boyfriend Turned My Life Into A Living Nightmare'. Stina Sanders was One night with my flatmates we had a 'house photo' taken all together.

My friends noticed a huge change, and my family worried I was depressed. If I ever did fight back, he would break me.

Deep down I knew what he was doing was wrong but I kept excusing him because upsetting him was the worst feeling for me - and I felt responsible for his happiness. I told him to stop, yelling: He broke my laptop in two, kicking my screen and the perfect boyfriend for one night across the floor. I yelped as it skidded across the floor — it ond all my uni work on it thank god for hard drives.

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But before I could speak, he grabbed my the perfect boyfriend for one night and dragged me around his apartment.

I can still feel the sharp pain of each strand of hair being stretched. He then submissive partner himself against me and began to strangle me. After pedfect felt like hours I managed to kick him off me and ran to the bathroom, locked the door and hid. After an hour Adam had fallen asleep.

I quietly escaped, spent the night in a hotel and told myself I had to leave. Shocked and confused by what had happened, the easiest way to deal with it was to say to he hurt me because he was passionate about me. I felt it was easier to hide away than to lie to. After all his controlling and worries about me being unfaithful he was the one the perfect boyfriend for one night was sleeping. I waited until he had perfec for work and quickly packed all of my belongings and headed back to Bath, where I was still meant to be studying.

Once I was on the motorway, I called. It was too late — I was done with him and his boyfriebd. I received daily texts and emails calling me every name under the sun. I had escaped and I was out of his control.

The Perfect Boyfriend (TV Movie ) - IMDb

I was finally free. I went back to work as a model and set myself goals to make myself happy, like running a marathon.

I just wanted to forget about what happened without the added pressure of the police in my life. I also — misguidedly — felt embarrassed. Plus, he was a family friend so out of respect for them, I let the water go fir the bridge. I appreciate a lot of women — and men - experience different types of abuse.

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If you are a victim of abuse, please know that it's never your fault, nor should you feel embarrassed by it. Talk to as many people as you can and get support.

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I promise you that there is a light at the end of the nigut. It is vital that we recognise that domestic violence is not just physical.

Physical violence often comes at a later stage of an abusive relationship — and emotional abuse comes. An unedited version of this piece was originally posted on Stina's own blog. Follow Boyfridnd on Twitter StinaSanders. Meet The 'Planfluencers' Of Instagram.

The Grazia Academy. Things You Only Know If: BY Stina Sanders Posted on 15 06