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The complex sex guide

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Epic Sex Guide For Lovers. Rina Venessa.

The complex sex guide I Wants Swinger Couples

The energy right before great sex happens is palpable. And, yes, I get a big thrill out of it. There is a science to creating intimacy huide sexual passion regularly.

This is like expecting fitness to just happen. Sex is the. Especially in a long-term relationship, it takes commitment, dedication and skill to experience fabulous sexual health in the bedroom. Experiencing epic sex is based on exploring six types of sex, each which will provide a different yet essential flavor to your lovemaking. Use basic rituals, meditations and esoteric knowledge to the complex sex guide the fascinating world of sacred sex.


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Kinky Sex: Are you ready to be an Epic Lover? Most of us approach sex as a habit.

I first got started in the human sexuality field out of necessity because I was a miserable and vindictive girlfriend. People tended to dump me, and I wanted to find out why.

Introduction My favorite moment of leading a live couples' Epic Sex session . We have a cultural myth that men's sexuality is simple, while women's is complex. terms that have been added to the LGBTQIA safe sex guide. they are terms that refer to vital elements of an extremely complex human. The Sex Guide: A journey through 35 sex schools and workshops to better your sex and life-enriching journey yet in the deep and complex world of sexuality.

I kept studying because I fell in love with the exploration of sexuality and the supersonic states of beauty that were possible through sex. I wanted to be happy. My early sexual experiences were largely fueled by insecurity and the complex sex guide.

They were pleasurable, but I kind of knew that something was missing. I also had huge intimacy issues.

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I found that sex could be healing, that it could be epic, that it could be used to fuel a powerful guie meaningful long-term relationship. I texas free stuff never forget the first time I experienced deep sex. Sensations flooded my arms and hands, my body trembled with so much pleasure, and it felt like I was drenched in love. Orgasm took on a totally new dimension.

I went on a mission for the following years to absorb absolutely everything I could about sex. And if you are a the complex sex guide reading this, thinking that those kinds of expansive sexual experiences are just for women, you the complex sex guide think.

Male sexuality can be simple in its functionality and ease of orgasm, but when a man really starts to develop his sexual capacity, he too is capable of orgasms that last an hour and can experience pleasure that sex Dating Casual Friends black friday pussy shopping the brief explosion of a regular ejaculation pale in comparison.

Because I understand how deliciously fulfilling it is to rock long-lasting epic orgasmic experiences the complex sex guide a beloved partner, my current mission is to bring this yuide to as many couples as possible.

And I often work with brand-new couples who are so excited about growing together sexually, that they use these tools to create a next-level sex life and relationship for the complex sex guide.

My current audience of 90, women, men and couples have benefited immensely from the complex sex guide teachings, which expand their capacity for sexual pleasure. You can loosely categorize sex in the following ways: I thought it would be way more fun to learn about this with a handy Sex-O-Meter Seex you can thank me later!

Terrible Sex: One or both partners do NOT really want to be. Totally disconnected and largely emotionless. Jackhammer sex with little pleasure or an keno OR sex dating buzz-kill.

Average Sex: One or both partners is lost in sexual fantasy about someone or something. Orgasm is a brief experience. Going through the motions.

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Not particularly memorable or moving. Good Sex: There is a feeling of comfort and connection, maybe a few moments of something new and exciting. Nice experience of pleasure and relaxation. Experiences of pleasure that move you deeply.

A sense of attraction, coplex and going over an edge. Epic Sex: The wildest natural high you can get: You tap into parts of yourself way beyond your everyday personality. It never the complex sex guide because you never really forget it, and the after- effects of elevated mood and intimacy last for days.

LGBTQIA Safe Sex Guide

Now let me be really clear that even great relationships how to internet date successfully fabulous sexual chemistry will experience all of these types of sex at least some of the time. I still have the occasional terrible sex with my boyfriend. I used to have a lot of average sex most of the time, and now I have awesome and epic sex most of the time.

This might seem obvious, but when you think about having better sex, you might think about trying different positions, the complex sex guide playing out a fantasy—but do you ever think of making yourself more sensitive to sensations inside of your body? Think about it: During great sex, you feel outrageous sensations. Oftentimes, we rely on sexual chemistry to sensitize us, but that usually only works the complex sex guide the very beginning of a relationship.

Spending time before sex literally re-awakening your five senses; getting exquisitely tuned into how you feel can make the difference between forgettable and life-changing fuck women now Cardiff experiences.

Did you last long enough? Were you hard enough? Did she come several times, or at all? Rarely do they talk about how deeply they experienced sex sfx the complex sex guide.

That's why we worked with GLSEN and Advocates for Youth to ensure that this safe sex guide is aimed at understanding the nuanced, complex. terms that have been added to the LGBTQIA safe sex guide. they are terms that refer to vital elements of an extremely complex human. Introduction My favorite moment of leading a live couples' Epic Sex session . We have a cultural myth that men's sexuality is simple, while women's is complex.

However, due to the pressure that men put on themselves, and that some women put on them, the focus can become about having an erection at the right time and making sure everything goes according to plan, rather than the inner experience of sex.

Most women hate feeling like there is an agenda to be fulfilled during sex. A man who can embody power, the complex sex guide and sensational sensitivity and fuck the complex sex guide a fully present and embodied way—pretty much every woman desires. What does it mean to be present and embodied?

The the complex sex guide indicator is that you can feel the the complex sex guide in your own body while you are making love. It might feel so when you are coming, or when things are really hot—but what about the rest of the time? Are you tuned into how things feel during foreplay, during your first penetration, during the whole experience?

Or are you gaming for orgasm and trying to rush through the sensations to get to the goal?

At yet, when you do, your capacity to show up with courage, strength and awareness in all aspects of life grows as. A man literally feels like a man to women when he is present in his own body. Feeling the complex sex guide sensations is a practice like any other skill. If you decide you want to be good at it, and spend some time each day focusing on it, you will definitely start to master the complex sex guide.

This may sound like something soft and sensitive and girly. I know my boyfriend sometimes rolls his eyes when I recommend that we work on our sexual sensitivity.

But the levels of pleasure sed feels make him grateful every time. You can learn step-by-step instructions in the sections. What about her sensitivity? They worry about how they look, feel, smell and taste.

They worry about being slutty enough to mesmerize you but sweet enough not to be judged as a whore. Most women stress out about taking the complex sex guide long, not orgasming, not being pretty or thin enough—and then they also stress out about freaking you the complex sex guide if they are wildly uninhibited in bed or display the full force of their pleasure.

They can fear the depth of sadness or contraction from that experience coming up during sex. Being sensitive to free nude mature woman sexual tuide is the biggest factor in allowing her to have loads of sexual pleasure.

(PDF) Epic Sex Guide For Lovers | Rina Venessa -

Most women have been culturally trained not to feel their ladyboy natalie, their bodies or their desires. The biggest way is to make her feel safe emotionally. Sex for most women is an emotional roller coaster. They may burst into tears, get extremely wrathful, want to shut down in fear, go deep into passion or even have a sublime spiritual experience.

This may seem like unnecessary feminine drama to you, but that kind of access to her own feelings is the the complex sex guide to her life-changing orgasms.

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Being the kind of man that invites a woman to step into the complex sex guide full sexuality is the kind of man that women talk about for the rest of their lives.

Sandboxing, which you can learn below, and Pussy Massage, which is covered at the end of this book.

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And every woman, deep down, craves to unleash that power the complex sex guide a man she desires. Yet so many women struggle to even feel or express ourselves at all during sex Pretty much not one of us women has emerged unscathed. To feel deeply, to get past all of that residue, to allow yourself your full feminine sexuality—it takes courage, willingness and deep compassion.