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Couple domination stories

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I love to travel :-) Then don't apply Please. Please be fun, easy to write to and have a great sense of humor. Stud waiting to Please I am lesbi man.

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The Entertainment Ch. Bewitched My life as a woman's seventeenth husband. Weekend Servitude A sub gets to spend the weekend with a dominant couple. The Long Weekend Ch. Enjoyed couple domination stories a Dominant Couple Ch. Natalie Submits Ch. I could not even look at him as I sat on the sofa.

He made me look at him an answer. I had to admit she couple domination stories a point, and she knew I really did couple domination stories to suck a dick. She said rather loudly into the hall "We're ready". A few seconds later a handsome naked man walked into our bedroom. Shawna stofies Mandy to reach under her bed. As Mandy walked over to the bed, she sexily wiggled her ass at me.

domination stories | An Erotic Story

This was all I saw for some time couple domination stories Shawna storiss a blindfold over me, and kicked the back of my knees dropping me to the floor. My balls were twitching and now in considerable discomfort. I was grabbed roughly by the hair and pulled into an upright position. My hands were tied extremely tight behind my with what felt like the belt I had on earlier. Couple domination stories was telling me that I thought I knew what was happening - the two of us had done this.

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He followed me back to my townhouse and up the stairs couple domination stories my bedroom. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply and passionately. I shouldn't have allowed it, but it felt too good to stop.

She collapsed on top of me as I continued to lick her wetness from her pussy. When she had gained her composure she pulled away from me leaving her wetness all over my face. She needed horny old Minocqua sit down and couple domination stories for a bit, and I was glad to be able to comination back up.

But that was short lived as Sir told me to get back in the same position, on my back, my shoulders on the atories of the couch with my head hanging down over the. Sir said I could use the deep throat dominatkon and Mistress Katie sat on couple domination stories couch between my spread legs.

She told me to place my hands under my butt and do not move them no matter. Sir held my head as he pushed his 8-inches into my mouth and sure enough, the first thrust caused me to jerk as I gagged but Mistress Katie squeezed down hard which caused me to jerk even harder, to which yahoo personals said that will cost me later.

And that is pretty much how the next minutes went, as almost every thrust resulted in me gagging and my balls being kneaded and squeezed hard by Katie!

Sir was stroking his shaft as he withdrew and I doubt I had anything to couple domination stories with his orgasm but he managed to shove his cock in as he dumped a huge load of his hot cum down my throat, and I dutifully sucked it down and licked his cock clean. Before I was given a chance to rest, Katie pulled me up and led me to the punishment horse again, and once couple domination stories quickly secured me stretched out, face down, and couple domination stories raised. She opened the cabinet door and selected a leather slapper and said that I performed that last couple domination stories terribly, and would now be punished for jerking so much when she squeezed my balls.

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Katie reminded me of one the house rules she explained to me earlier, that as her sub, she and Sir would punish me whenever I disobeyed either of them in any way, and that she would most definitely punish me forany poor performance! Katie also said that if I ever cried out couple domination stories begged her or Sir to stop a punishment, then I would earn even more swats couple domination stories the cane!

Then Katie placed the cane before me, saying couple domination stories I was also going to get my butt striped as well! After she released me, Katie had me lay on the single bed face up, then she straddled my face on all fours.

I licked her very wet pussy and clit again as Sir climbed in over me. He ran his cock across her slit a couple times then just plunged into her pussy burying his cock balls where can i meet older ladies into her!

Erotic Stories : Dorm Room Domination - A Gay Sex

Her moans grew louder as we worked her pussy over! I opened wide and moved my tongue to the place where his cock entered her pussy. I lapped as Sir thrusted into her over and over again! Sir couple domination stories Katie faster shories until she lost herself in the pleasure and had a couple domination stories orgasm, which caused Sir to lose control as he grunted old men on young women deposited his cum in her pussy!

Sir pulled out and dripped cum into my mouth as storied ordered me to suck his cock quickly! I open wide and sent my tongue into her depths lapping away. She contracted her pussy a couple times and lifted off my face and spread her ass checks enough for Sir to take a photo of the first glob of his cum dripping into my eager mouth. I swallowed and dove in. Licking and lapping at their sweet juices mixed.

I continued licking and to my surprise she orgasmed again flooding my mouth with more of their cum. I was more excited then I had ever been before! Then Sir had Katie bind my wrist cuffs together behind my back and made me kneel on the bed before. Katie steadied me as they took turns holding my face and Sir fucked my mouth slowly couple domination stories told me to take his cock deeply, all the way to the domiation. I tried hard, couple domination stories gagged each time Sir plunged his cock down my throat and held my face firmly against his groin!

He worked me over good for nearly twenty couple domination stories before he gushed what seemed like a gallon of cum down my throat!

I could do nothing but swallow it couple domination stories as Katie dominarion Sir forced me to perform for them as their Couple domination stories slave. I apologized to Sir and to Katie as I admitted to them again that this was my first real Bi scene and that I would hope they would train me to storiss better at it. Katie then said that was precisely what she had in mind as she lead me over to the punishment horse again, and tightly secured me stretched out and face down!

Sir stood before me and told me he realized I was new to this but if I continued to gag on his cock then Katie would couple domination stories to punish my butt severely, so as she picked up the leather slapper, Sir fed me his cock again as he held my face and put his cock in my mouth!

Katie did not show my already tender butt cheeks any mercy either, as I yelped with coupe first swat, the cock in my mouth muffled my cries as I tried to suck Couple domination stories good! After a join hookup track Katie had switched to the cane and viciously delivered another twelve of her best before asking me if I have learned my lesson yet?

With tears and sobs, Dojination uttered a feeble Yes Mistress, reply. To which Sir just held my face and slowly pulled couple domination stories deeply into my mouth, I mustered all my strength against my gag reflex as he just held my face against his crotch for a moment then withdrew! Both Sir and Mistress storied and bangladeshi sexy model picture me saying that they knew I could do it!

As Mistress and Sir kissed and hugged each other in massage sex girls of me, I was still tightly bound, but glad for the rest and the punishment to have stopped. She taunted me as she stroked my face, wiping the tears from my cheeks as she storiew that she had a cock that needed attention, and that she was going to give me a nice hard and long anal fucking with was her way of thanking me for my excellent oral performance I gave her earlier!

Katie couple domination stories put on a dildo harness with her cock and walked around in front of me as she waved the huge inch couple domination stories before my eyes! She leaned over and whispered in my couple domination stories that she hoped I would not disappoint her now as she loved anal play and she said my hot babe milf asshole has just been begging her to be stretched and used!

Katie told me that I could expect getting this form of anal punishment any time stoires a reward for my good performances! And since I couple domination stories her one of the best oral pleasures she has ever had, Katie said that this anal fucking was going to be a really nice, hard, and long fucking to show how much adult want hot sex Clarksville Iowa loved it!

Mistress Katie plowed my asshole good. She would keep asking me how did Exrotic massage like her cock now just after an especially hard or deep fuck stoires her toy buried deep inside me!

I would let out a deep guttural groan as I gasped out a thank you Mistress response! Katie was now getting rough with me couple domination stories she grabbed my hips and really forced herself hard into my asshole with every thrust! This dude was tiny He couldn't be any bigger than 5'9", lb.

Couple domination stories

I was hoping for a roommate I could maybe go to the gym with, definitely party. This guy didn't look like couple domination stories did. That startled me. I'd say about a few inches taller than me, so six feet tall. And absolutely stacked with muscle I don't really have a guess about how much he weighs, given that I've never known someone that big well enough to ask.

Definitely well more than me. I read the door. I said what are you doing? couple domination stories

Nick seemed kinda couple domination stories. I don't know why, but I don't want to start by making my roommate mad. Especially someone who looks like he could physically break me in half. I mean He was on top of me in a split second. I was flattened against my bed - HIS bed - and he had his right hand on top of my throat.

I Ready Horny People Couple domination stories

I struggled to push him off, but he didn't budge. I'm white guys with big dick sure if he even dominztion me pushing.

His face ztories only a couple relaxing sunday in hotel from. Normally when a guy spanish gurls this close, I'd be excited that he was getting ready to kiss me. It was hard to be excited, though, when I was fearing for my life. I wasn't about to contradict him, couple domination stories he didn't give me a stogies to.

He lifted me to a sitting position by the hand still gripping my throat, effortlessly lifted me by placing both hands under my armpits, and literally couple domination stories me several feet to land on the other bed A moment later the clothes that I was couple domination stories on the bed were on top of me.

This was going to be an interesting year. I glared at Nick for a moment - partly out of anger, and partly Ignoring what he had just done to me or perhaps in part because of it?

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Couple domination stories I had just found out, the lean, tight muscle wasn't just for. His dark brown eyes and short black hair were gorgeous. His glare was intimidating Sorry," I said, and quickly looked couple domination stories. I was so confused I had the hottest roommate I could have asked for, but I was terrified of.

I even found the aggression somewhat of a turn on, as evidenced by the slight boner I was hiding. Of course, the abject fear I was feeling was doing a pretty good job of keeping dating a busy businessman in check.

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This loser was staring at me like he was thinking about trying to fight right. I hope he doesn't try anything like .