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The subspecies saian made by some asian elk do not correspond with those of the trophy books see introduction. However, we will include them here according to distinctions made in the introduction to the Red Deer. A asian elk of 7 subspecies have been described, 4 of which occur in the Holarctic-Asian region: Siberian Wapiti Cervus c.

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Northwest- and southwest Mongolia, Altai and Baikal. Asian elk Shan Wapiti Cervus c. Ala Asia Wapiti Cervus c. Horan Shan, central Mongolia China and Kansu.

Isubra Cervus c. Large deer weighing up to kg and measuring asian elk to 1,60 m over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 2,50 m without tail.

General colour reddish brown with buff rump, larger than asian elk of the European Red Deer. The neck has a darkish brown mane.

elk | Description, Habitat, Reproduction, & Facts |

The antlers are heavier than those of the European Red Deer, with a twodimensional crown. The hunt sets a azian chall Gorno-Altai is probably one of your best options if asian elk are looking for a true wilderness hunt in asian elk nature.

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The Sayan Mountains has an exceptional asian elk and is also home to a number of coveted asian game. Contact us for prices.

At Diana-Hunting. You can read more on our cookies and privacy policy pageasian elk you can also find ek how to delete. Cervus elaphus maral Subspecies: Grasslands and open forests in low and mountanous regions.

Hunting method: Stalking, on horseback, with dogs, luring calls asian elk the rut. Hunting available in: Almost all areas of distribution, China excepted.

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We offer this specie on the following tours. Maral and Ibex Combo hunt Kazakhstan.

Hunt in Gorno Altai Russia. Hunt in the Sayan Mountains Russia. Maral hunting in Altai Russia.

Hunt in the russian wilderness for Altai Maral. Altai Ibex Hunt Russia.

Asian elk

Russia has many trophies to offer; one of them is Altai Ibex. It is also called Siberian Ibex.

Call Us Telephone: Travel Lecture Order a free travel lecture for your hunting association or alike. Customize Your Asian elk If you have special preferences, we can tailor a hunting tour according to your wishes. Hunting Asian elk Offers.

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